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Hello - Can I ask if the WD Live TV will play files automatically and sequentially that are found within a typical DVD Video_TS folder? I understand that I may not get a Menu to work with but at least the film? Also am I able to fast forward and rewind a movie? - Thanks in advance for any help received. PixelPilot. :smiley:

PixelPilot wrote:

 Also am I able to fast forward and rewind a movie? - Thanks in advance for any help received. PixelPilot. :smiley:

Yes, there are standard ff and rw buttons on remote to ff and rw up to 16X speed I think. Seems to work fine. No bookmarking  or being able to go to a specific time though. Also I note that sometimes the device remembers where you stopped playing and sometimers it does not.

Thanks for the information. Now how about the question regarding Video_TS folder? PixelPilot

Short answer is yes, however the current firmware seems to have throuble with multiple-title folders. It seems to pick one title (presumably the largest) even though you selected another .VOB file.

Oh okay thanks. It doesn’t appear to be an exact science just yet.

Any update from WD on this matter?  I’m trying to watch 30 Rock, Season 3 that I’ve ripped to my HDD as VIDEO_TS folders.  Each episode has its own VTS_xx_1.VOB file (where xx = 04 to 11), but as someone mentioned it will only play the largest VOB file which is the first ep VTS_04_1.VOB.  There is currently no way for me to watch the rest of the disc on the WDTV Live!  Sure sounds like a glaring bug to me.  Hope to hear back from WD that they’re working on a firmware update soon to address this issue.  Thanks!

Surely it plays the VOB in sequence, if you start inside the video_ts folder and select the first VOB, i.e., vts_01_1, then it will automaticly play vts_01_2, vts_01_03, etc…    The only problem is the transition between the VOB files is not smooth and there is a couple of seconds interruption.

To solve the interruption issue, you may consider making an ISO from your DVD and then it will play flawlessly.

But in both cases there is no menu, it just plays the VOB files…

Can you rip each episode to iso files ?

Would be a lot easier to select whatever episode you want to play.

Oops, sorry this was already suggested.

To theone01: as you say, it plays the *chapters* in sequence, i.e. VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, and so on. However in a VIDEO_TS folder it plays only one *title*,  and it is not necessarily the first one, even if you specifically try to play one VOB file. So given a VIDEO_TS folder with files VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_02_1.VOB, and so on (see the difference with above!), it may select VTS_08_1.VOB since it is the largest and only play this one. Thus the WDTV Live treat the VIDEO_TS content as a DVD and tries to play the “main” title, which is a problem for DVD containing episodes of a TV series as titles.

The only workaround I know of consists in either changing the extensions of the .VOB files to .m2ts (never tried this myself but I saw this in another thread) or ripping the DVD as a single file. I also made myself a script to transcode each title independantly but I never saw any DVD ripping program which could do that without manually selecting each title.

Well, it’s not entirely true that ripping each title to separate .iso files works. For whatever reason there seems to be a bug which causes small .iso files to not play period. I tried this with WD TV Gen1 Firmware version 1.03.01 and can confirm that the bug is there. I don’t know if it’s a bug in the Live but I don’t know why it wouldn’t be. Perhaps someone could confirm this with the Live and the Gen2 by ripping a short 5 minute trailer to .iso using DVDFab?? It’s not very well documented because most people don’t do it.

Here’s a link to one reference regarding the problem: http://wdtv.uservoice.com/pages/17442-general/suggestions/182950-dvd-iso-support-for-chapters-shorter-than-30-mins?ref=title