WD Live TV + Synology DS415+

Recently i went form a DS412+ to a DS415+ Nas. Streaming movies and tv-series worked flawless before. I don’t know anymore how i connected it, but for sure it wasn’t with Synology Media Server.

Problem now is, i can’t see the pictures anymore in the movie and tv serie box. I have to change the picture files into folder.jpg. Before it doens’t matter what name they had.

I have connected the DS415+ with NFS share. Rights on Nas are okay i guess.

Also i see an extra map now, @eadir which seems normal with the NFS share.

Another thing i noticed, when connected i see an IP adres, in the left above corner, before it was the name from the NAS.

Someone who can explain what is different now, and could point me where i can go to the same as before, so i don’t have to change all the picture files from the movies and tv-series.

I didn’t reinstall the NAS, but did a migration.

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Have you tried Network Shares as opposed to NFS?