WD Live TV streaming - freezing


Can anyone help with this.

My WD streaming media player keeps freezing as im watching something which is stored on my WD hard drvie.  Ive connect my hard drive to the streaming media player and the media player to the TV.  Was working fine the first 2 times and now it freezes after watching for 5mins.  Only way to fix it is to unplug/rest and start again.  Do i have to download any drivers? Need help

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What is the drive? (USB 2.0 or 3.0)
What is the port? (rear or front)

i have plugged into both front and rear to test… not sure about USB drive 2.0 -

i cannot seem to connect it to the internet either to download any software or drivers.

What is your player firmware?

im not following? sorry

Here is a detailed description for the upgrade:
Update to version 1.08.17 and I think everything will work out.

ok ill give it a try thank you

i followed the instructions and it did not ask me to sync my USB to the media player…  is there any other way to update with the internet?

1 Connect your player to the Internet via a cable.
2 Follow the instructions on the TV screen.

I recently purchased a WD Media Player hoping that I could use the new Slingbox application to connect to my Slingbox in my home in MI while at our second home in Florida. Unfortunately the media player frequently freezes while streaming from slingbox and other applications like Pandora. The player will only respond once it has frozen by pulling the power cord and replugging the player to power. This defect makes the media player useless as a reliable media streamer. Does anyone out there know how to overcome this defect?