WD Live TV not seeing shares

Greetings everyone,

I registered on these forums to talk about the network shares issue which a lot of users seem to be experiencing. For me this started a few months ago and I’m not sure what triggered it. Nothing changed in my network or on my computer. I’ve tried several things and tried a lot of solutions provided in threads here, all to no avail.

Yesterday however something strange happened. While I was trying to get my WD Live see my network shares again, I changed my computer name. The split second I changed my computer name (without rebooting my computer) I suddenly saw my computer popping up on the network share screen of the WD Live with the old name. Suddenly WD Live could see the computer again and I could access all my shares. When changing such a thing Windows will ask you to reboot your computer, but after you reboot WD Live will not see your computer anymore. This is the method I use each time I want to see a movie or something.

Somehow I’m hoping this information will help!

See if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps: