WD Live TV not recognizing Seagate GoFlex 2 TB Network Drive

I have had my Live TV hooked up to my Mac, Perfectly no problems, did everything it was suppose to do, like for example stream movies and photos, and Music. Then my Hard Drive started to get Full, so I had asked for the Seagate 2TB Network Drive for my birthday, also knowing that there was a limit with the 2TB on the LIve TV, hooked everything up and i can’t get my Live TV to recognize the Seagate, works with my Mac no problem… Can anyone help me? What can I do?


NEVERMIND…lol… i checked a post that someone else had a problem, with a different network drive turns out you have to do this to make it work…

Go to NETWORK SETTINGS and turn “Auto Logon to Network Shares” to “NO.”

It will then ask you for the User ID and password.

After you enter it successfully, you can go change the option back to YES.

Having the same problem with mine.

What username and password are you entering  after you turn the auto logon to No?

I am connecting my WD 2TB MyBook directly to the WDLive with USB and it simply doesn’t see it as a drive?

Any ideas?