WD Live TV Hub without internal hard drive issue

Hello, I just bought a WDTV Live Hub without internal hard drive, since I only needed to play content from my external hard drive. Well it turns out that I can’t update the firmware online, it gives me a message saying that internal storage is not detected, but I guess I can bypass this by updating the firmware via USB. Do you recommend I do this?

Now the second thing is actually my biggest concern. I am able to play the content just fine from my external hard drive ONLY when de media library is turned off. When I turn it on, the media library starts trying to build up the library but never gets it done, and when I try to find my external drive under Local Storage it does not show! But it does show my external hard drive under local storage when the Media Server is off. I dont see this Twonky server they claim this device has, I assume is because the media library is not working right? Do you think there is an advantage in using the media library  as opposed to just browsing your external hard drive without it? I know there are a lot of questions in this post, I appreciate your patience and input. Thank you

Lots of features will not work due to the lack of internal storage


Thanks for your input. I was able to upgrade the firmware via USB, but like others say there are several issues. Media Library, Twonky server, wd photos, etc, dont work. User interface is buggy, system crashes very often. In all fairness is a refurbished unit with no hard drive. I am going to return it and get a regular WD TV live or a Xtreamer Sidewinder 2. What do you think about Xtreamer compared to WD TV live? It almost seems to good to be true. USB 3.0, DLNA server, Airplay, Gigabit ethernet and all what WD TV live has. Oh yeah but no netflix! (Which does not matter to me anyways because I have a PS3) What do you think? Thank you

You could always add an internal hard disc.