Wd live tv hub keeps restarting and only shows opening logo

Wd Live tv player not working. The media player turns on but only shows the logo and turns off again and keeps doing that.


Hi, I tried to reset using the clip but it didn’t work. It just keeps showing that first window with logo and going black again



Thanks will try to update it lets see if it works

if firmware fails, remove hubs hd and test it in a caddy on a pc, if its broke you can stick another in it 2.5 wd

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firmware is flashed on the internal NAND not on the internal Hard Drive … swapping hard drives will make no difference if the firmware fails.

in fact, a properly functioning WD Live Hub will work fine even without a internal hard drive connected. (it just displays a message there is no hard drive connected and press ok to proceed)

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My Wd media player internal hard drive not reading…

I have 1tb internal hard drive on my wd media player and I have 3d movie folder on it…it’s not reading now suddenly

First thing to try … reset the Live Hub to Factory Defaults (this doesn’t wipe data)

If no go … then the hard drive has probably died … not surprising considering the Live Hub was released nearly 10 years ago.

friend of mine had a faulty Live Hub internal hard drive … couldn’t be formatted via the Live Hub’s drive manager … so i removed it and tried formatting it connected to a Windows PC … nope, failed. Hard drive is stuffed.

if you have a Backup of your 3D Movies … then that’s all you can do/try and will have to replace the hard drive.

if you don’t have a Backdrop then you’re in trouble.