Wd Live Tv Hub & Home Cinema

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a way to connect a western digital tv live hub with my screen AND my home cinema 5.1 with HDMI.

My home cinema works only with a pc (3 jacks, green, yellow and black).

Does an external sound card with an hdmi IN exists that divides the audio-video stream into audio stream towards the 3 jacks and the video stream through an HDMI OUT towards the screen?

thanks for your help.

You are looking for DAC - digital to analog converter
check the amazon.com,


I don’t know realy how it works :s

If I understand correctly, I transfert from the WD directly the video by HDMI to the screen and I connect the optic cable to the device?

Here is my home cinema:


Does another DAC exists with 3 jacks (green, yellow and black) instead of 5 RCA out?

I’ve found a very old solution, I don’t if it still exists or not :s

The creative DDTS-100

What do you think?

Thanks for your help =)