WD Live Tv Hub - HD wont show up in Windows 7 under Network but will on Macbook pro?

Want to start by saying ive searched this forum for a solution to my problem but havent had much luck, im hopeing someone hear can point me in the right direction because im out  of ideas and running out of patience.

I bought a WD Live hub 4 months ago, i copyeid my entire collection onto the HD on the first day, since then its been sat under the tv and hasnt been moved. During that time ive been using an 8GB flash drive to upload new movies as they come. As its been 4 months since i last plugged it into the PC i decied yesterday i wanted to organise things a little better on the HD.

I connected the WD upto my main PC (Wich was used when i first Bought the HD to upload my collection) only to find that Windows 7 would not recignise the HD, thinking it may have been and Ethernet cable problem i tryed a new one and still WIN7 couldnt find it. My firewalls are completly disable and everything looks fine, infact the PC hasnt really been used since the first day i bought the HD.

I also tryed the HD on my wifes Brand new Macbook pro, hear things were different. The Mac would find the HD (in Shared) but would not allow me to go past the first folder and into the Sub folder as it was saying i dont have permission to view its contents. So what do i do ?? Seems to me this isnt and Ethernet cable problem or Network as the Mac wouldnt pick it up in the first place. So my question is . What am i doing wrong and what do i need to do to acsess the data ?



Anyone ?

… could be because you’re in the wrong forum.   Correct forum is HERE.

… but, if you connect it to your PC directly with an ethernet cable, you need to make sure you do all the IP configuration manually… on both the PC and the Hub.

Can you PING the Hub when you do this?  If not, then you know the issue is basic network setup.