Wd live tv hub can i tranfer files from my computer to the hub with out net working?

I have movies backed up on  a external hard drive and want to transfer them to my new hub ,when i connect usb from puter to hub .It’s not picking it up ? this networking will be a pain  is there an easier way I can do this ?

You can not connect the Hub directly to a PC via USB. You have to either connect it via your network or connect the external drive to the Hub via one of its USB ports. The latter is the fastest and most reliable way to transfer media to/from the Hub.

if you’re really slick, you can connect it to the RJ45 jack on your PC with a CAT5 cable and get ~8mbs a sec. I did that until my warranty ran out. Now I just open it up and pull the drive and put the drive on a SATA cable I have dangling from the side of the case. VERY fast :slight_smile: