WD Live Stuck On "Select Content Source: Windows"

I purchased the WD Live 1 week ago and it worked fine. Today I tried to use it and it said my network was disconnected and when I tried to reconnect over Samba it sat and spun (for over an hour). I saw there was an update so I installed it and I continue to have the same issue (except it says Windows instead of Samba). It’s been running for almost 2 hours now. I verified my shares are viewable and accessable (as I’d expect since it worked yesterday just fine) via net view etc.

What else can I do before I return the WD Live?

I tried changing the workgroup, rebooting etc and it did not work. I did the exact same thing this morning and it seemed to work. I also rebooted 1 computer on my network as well. This must be some kind of issue in the workgroup and the master browser.