WD Live Streaming won't read metadata from WD TV Hub

I have had a WDTV Live Hub for quite a while, and have few complaints.
I recently bought a WD TV Live Streaming, so I could watch movies stored on the hub in another room.
But when I access movies on the hub, it doesn’t show metadata, or the correct cover art.

Please help

edit: model number of the WD TV is wdbhg70000nbk-hesn
both devices have the latest firmware update (as per setup)

File naming convention:
Movie1.XXX (whatever format the movie is in)

I store several movies or episodes in each folder, so, if I have 10 movies in “Action” the folder will contain 30 files
It took me way too much effort to get this information to display properly on the hub, so if I can get away with not changing anything there, that’d be ideal, but I’ll change it if necessary.

How are you accessing the Hub from the SMP?   Are you accessing it via the Hub’s Media Server, or as a network share?

You’ll need to access it as a Network Share added to your Media Library on the SMP.

Thank you for this, but, could you please provide instructions?

Both my computer and the Hub show up under media share, but neither show up under network share (either windows or linux).  I have network sharing turned on on both devices and don’t know why they aren’t showing up.

Thank you

Are they all in the same workgroup?

should be… it’s all the generic “WORKGROUP”

In Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing settings > Media streaming options both the Live/Streaming and the Hub show up and are allowed access

nevermind… I solved it.  (issue with the homegroup)

Please elaborate… You said you’re trying to share files that are on the hub to the SMP.  Homegroups would have nothing to do with that.