WD Live Streaming Play same Video_vob files over and over

Yesterday I just got a call from my daughter telling me that although she has selected a new file (movie) to stream, the unit plays a file she watched last Sunday. No one has used the unit since Sunday.

I am in the office so I walked her through the usual steps to choose a new movie on my NAS. She selects the folder ‘Blades of glory’ and then selected the Video_VOB file but plays the movie she watched last Sunday.

Last night, I again selected a few different  dvd files (video_vob)  and each time WD plays back the file my daughter saw last Sunday. The strange thing is that if I select a .TS or .m2st file, no problems. WD plays them correctly.

I  have another streamer setup in the mai  HIfi room (eGReat M34) and I have no problems selecting those DVD files nor do I have any problems if I use my PC and play those  files from my PC.

I am at wits ends as to why this is happening and I am hoping some other user have experienced this and have a solution.

Many Thanks


This is really strange, have not seen this issue before.  The best to do is try resetting it, by holding its reset button for 1 second.  If it is not resolved you may contact WD for support.

Last night I power down the unit by pressing the remote power button for more the 3 seconds. This seemed to resolve the issue.