Wd live streaming network sharing stops sharing after windows update

Finally got my new media box to read network shares on my pc after reading a million forums.  Then windows did an update and it stopped working, went back to network discovery not staying on.

I restored pc back to before the update and it works fine again.

Does anyone know which part of windows update stops the sharing?

Hi, you could do the update again and just review the steps to share a folder on the network.

After I do the update I can’t set network discovery back to “on” the button keeps switching back to “off”.  Is there a thread that describes how to fix that problem?  All the files I want to share are properly set for sharing.  Thanks

Check if the link below helps.


I got it working again and it just turned itself back off again.  The network discovery thing is turned off again in Windows and I guess i have to restore again.  I think I will just give up on the wireless on this box.  hate to do it but will get apple tv.  this thing is just burning up too many hours to keep it working.  Thanks for all your suggestions.

Well, it sounds llke your problem is with Windows and not the player.  Getting a different player isn’t going to solve the issue with network discovery.