Wd live streaming bricked

Hi, i was having trouble with my wd live straming unit, one day after installing the latest firmware 1.09.10 (6/2012) it froze after 5 or 4 seconds, not even the reset button will work, i was able to get to the update screen and “install” a downgrade, the Rollback_wdtvlivegen3_1_07_18, unfortunately it froze at the rebooting screen, as it didn’t react after 30 minutes I decided to unplug the power, now when I turn it on all  I get is the WDTV logo and after that nothing, just a black screen; is there a way to install the update or downgrade without booting to the menu screen? thanks  

I would try to connect it via COMPOSITE cables (included with the box) just to see if it’s indeed bricked, versus just having problems with the HDMI or COMPONENT output.

I did, actually i installed the downgrade via rca (yellow, red, white) and i tried changing to hdmi and back to rca and same result.