WD Live Streamer BGXT's not seeing each other on same home network

Scenario : 2 x WD live streaming players – DLNA – must see the other as a media share Mediaplayer 1 is in living room – has 2 usb drives connected to it - connected to WD N900 router by Cable Mediaplayer 2 in bedroom access the router wirelessly . Cannot detect the other WD live in living room through media share or network share and see’s what data is on it and u stream it from the one to the other It works with an Apple TV2 accessing the WD live and plays the media content on the usb drive . I know I did this already at home ! Just not picking up the other WD live in media share when using 2 x WD live streamers … Surely they should be able to stream between them I am missing something ! Anyone at WD Tech that can help?


You have to change the “Device Name” for one of them.

Check page #30 of the user’s manual.


WD’s are DNLA renders

not DNLA servers

but as already stated, you can make sure the device names are unique and then share between them using smb (windows shares)