WD Live stops playing when I connect QNAP 119P+ to my network

Newbie so hopefully someone can help me.  I am running the latest code on my WD Live and it connects fine to Pandora for music and other Inernet services.  I purchased a QNAP 119P+ and can also play music and view videos and pictures from the QNAP.  The problem is that 10 minutes after I connect the QNAP to my netork, my WD Live stops playing music, videos or pictures from any source (Internet or from the QNAP).  I can still browse folders on the QNAP and can still connect to Internet services, but I get the spinning circle when I try to play music or display pictures or videos.  If I unplug the QNAP and reboot the WD LIVE, Internet services work fine again, but the problem repeats 10 minutes after reconnecting the QNAP.  I have upgraded the Twonky Media server, WD Live and tried disabliing both Twonky and QNAP’s Multimedia Station server and the problem persists.  I have looked at switchports on my Cisco 871 router/switch and connections are clean with no errors.

Physical network:
WD TV Live Media Player ---- Cisco 871 Router — QNAP 119P+

Software versions:
WD TV Live Media Player

QNAP 119P+
3.4.0 Build 0212T

TwonkyMedia Server

QNAP Multimedia Station

(no version listed)

Cisco 871 Router
(no interface errors on switchports)

Thanks (frustrated),


What happens if you reboot the WD after the QNAP is fully up?

I have duplicated the issue a couple dozen times.  If the QNAP is connected to the network it will blow up my WD TV Live Media Player meaning that the WD TV Live Media Player cannot play music or display pictures or video.  From the WD TV Live Media Player I can still navigate the menus and browse folders on the QNAP, but  all i get is the spinning circle if I try to diplay files or play music. 

If I leave the QNAP connected to the network and reboot the WD, it will play music or files for another 10 minutes (form the Internet or from the QNAP)  and then go back to the spinning circle.  If I disconnect the QNAP and leave it disconnected, I can connect to Internet services and it will continue to work correctly indefinitlely with no issues. 

One other user here with a QNAP reported similar issues. 

His resolution was disable all unnecessary services.   Don’t know if that would apply to you.

I have two QNAP 400’s on my network and they’re not causing any issues with any of my WDs, but I don’t have many services enabled…

Update: I just did the following test.  I disabled Twonky on my QNAP, saved this config and shutdown the QNAP.  I inserted a flash drive into my WD and started playing music from the flash drive on my WD.  This works great.  I set my egg timer for 10 minutes and restarted my QNAP.  At 11 minutes, the WD stopped playing.  I can still browse the flash drive folders and navigate the WD menus, but when selecting anything (Internet services, files on flash drive, etc) to view or play I just get the spinning blue circle. 

I don’t have any duplicate IP addresses, no errors on switchports and can ping the WD all day long - there is no issue with the network.  I purchased a second WD device to make sure that this is not a hardware issue and same results with both devices.

I havereported this issue on the QNAP community forum and no luck there either.  Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips to try to isolate this issue?  Anyone have anything similar happen to them?  Can i revert to earlier code on the WD?   Can anyone recommend another non-WD device that I should try out?

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I probably answered while you were still typing that last post.   Check the post right above your last one.

Cant find your post on QNAP forum? 

Tony - Thanks for your excellent advice!  I went in and turned off non-essential services on my QNAP and I have been listening to Internet and local USB music on my WD for over an hour now with no crashes.  This is what I bought the WD for and it is working great now.  I am very thankful for your advise.

For others that may run into this issue in the future, I am not sure what QNAP service was the offending service, but I turned off the following and things are working now. 

MyCloudNAS service


Multimedia Station

Download Station

 I will begin turningservices back on one at a time to see what breaks things.  I will start with Twonkey and the Download Station to see if I can start streaming music, videos and pictures from my NAS.

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Final update:

I turned on Twonky, Multimedai Station and Download Station and things are still working fine.  It looks like the MyCloudNAS service was the problem.  I was not using it so it is not a problem for me to turn it off.  Hope this helps someone else down the line.

Absolutely.   Please mark your OWN solution as the solution to your question to make it easier to find.

I had these settings off all the time. The problems still occurs.