WD Live SMD Gives 'Device has been removed' error EVERY TIME


I recently upgraded from a much lower-cost media player to the WD SMD, and I really like the little thing…Except for one massive problem that’s almost got me ready to send it back.  I have a USB hard drive plugged into the SMD, and any time the drive is unplugged from the USB port or powered off the SMD gives the ‘content source has been removed’ error.  I have tried re-starting the HDD, re-starting the SMD, and re-scanning for drives.  The error occurs regardless of the order in which I deactivate devices, and occurs even when I ‘eject’ the HDD through the WD interface before powering down.  The SMD will then refuse to acknowledge the HDD under any circumstances, not allowing it to be picked back up if I remove and replace the USB cable, but still listing it under the devices list (although pressing the eject button does nothing at that point).  The only way I can get it to accept that the HDD is present again is to reset the SMD to factory settings.  Obviously this is a huge inconvenience, and it’s got me about ready to throw in the towel and return it, going back to my five-year-old AVer Meda Player!

I apologize if this has been posted before, but I searched the forum and didn’t find anything that matched my problem (the closest posts concerned wirelessly connected drives with solutions about managing IP addresses) and it’s really destroying my enjoyment of this Christmas present.  If anyone can help, I will click the star thing twenty times and accept your post as answer :slight_smile:

After ejecting the drive, are you doing a complete power down, by holding the Red power button for 5 sec until unit completely powers down.

I have USB HDD and never any problems doing it this way.