WD Live & Seagate Expansions 5TB

Fortunately the “Seagate Expansions 5TB USB 3.0” external hard drive works with the WD Media Player - that’s the good news in generell. But there are some things which worry me:

  1. As soon as the HD is mounted on one of the USB Ports, it seems that the second HD (in my case a WD Elements 2TB) is not working at the same time at the other USB Port. That’s bad because of course I hoped to continue using the two USB options of the WD Media Player.

  2. The noise of the disk: in comparison to the WD Elements Disks it’s really noisy…so I’m hoping to find a external case to lose some of the noise and turn it (hopefully) to a silent mode like the WD Elements have. But I’m not sure which cases support 5 TB of disks…?

  3. The Standby-Mode: Usually I always leave the WD Media Player on…so it doesn’t have to load all the media of the hard disks again everytime. So I love it that the WD Element hard disks go into some kind of “sleep mode” after a while…but I’m not completely sure if the Seagate is doing that too. So I’m afraid it runs all the time in full mode and so it’s not really good for the livabilty of the disk (as well as the power level it uses on standby all the time)

Has anyone else made experiences with the Seagate Expansions 5TB in combination with the WD Player? And what are your experiences? And has anyone ever tried to use two of them at the same time on both USB ports (which would make it 10 TB of Media at the same time!)?

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  1. It is possible for one USB port to be taking too much power in order to feed the other hard drive, resulting in a drive recognition issue.

  2. unfortunately I am not aware of an external case made for noise suppression.

  3. This is up to the hard drive itself. WD external drives feature a built-in factory-enabled sleep timer, which is triggered by an inactivity threshold.

I just bought a Seagate 5TB Expansion Drive and it shows up in WDTV Live, and so does my other drive, an old Seagate. But with the 5TB plugged in the system is slow and playback of files is jittery. 

Why is that? Is there a solution to that? The drive has been formatted with NTSF.

Why is that? (well it’s a Seagate afterall) Is there a solution to that? (buy a Western Digital) The drive has been formatted with NTSF (cool, a new filesystem … is it better than NTFS ?) :wink: