WD Live rolling back


I recently purchased a WD Live player the HD  and things worked fine. Items that worked fine include palying MKV files,   Recognizing USB HD etc.  Then the player upgraded to version 1.04_12 (the latest version) and then it stopped recogniizing USB HDD and stopped playing MKV files.

The WD website has disabled the previous firmware download.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

I had a similar issue except some of my MKV’s would freeze during playback. I rolled back and everything is good now.

Here’s a link for  Firmware . Hope this helps

Link Fixed, Thanks Tony. Sorry I didn’t realize they pulled the firmware

That’s not the correct link.  

The correct link is


… but as the OP indicated, the rollback for V1.03.10 has been removed due to a potential issue rolling back from 1.04.12.

I’ve just purchased the WD TV Live Streaming today, plugged it into a LAN (wired) network and it happily updated to the new 1.04.12 Firmware almost from switching on.

Now with this new firmware HDMI CEC will not work and WD do not have a roll back solution.

So now I’m stuck, this was supposed to be a Christmas present for someone, now I know it won’t be used because the CEC doesn’t work, this is a major issue for me.

WD Please sort this out ASAP!!! :cry: