WD Live requires regular resets. Freezes often

Okay yes i have used the search function and see there are other similar threads going. They all seem to be closed so i couldn’t respond and being that none of them seem to have any solution I just opened a new message!

I have being the unite without any issues for over 6 months now but the last 2 weeks it has been displaying some very annoying problems with playback.

I generally only use thunmb drives, up to 8gb in front and 16gb in the back. The files are same format i have been using throughout my time, mixture of avi, mkv and mp4. I have current fm 2.01.86.

I can usually play one short show and then the second may freeze when I hit play. Sometimes i get spinning orange arrow sometimes i don’t. Sometimes if i hit pause for more than the slightest of times then it will lock up without any buttons responding.

If I play a long movie it will go through but a some point the buttons will stop responding, it plays but i cannot pause or stop.

As stated seen a lot of people with these issues but no answers, a few seem to think it may be overheating.


Overheating is not a good sign of device performance. I would recommend a free replacement under warranty, as detailed in the following link:


yeah like the JStaff sayed please use the warranty

i have two of them and they never freeze :slight_smile:

normaly i let the unit upside down

the vent holes do a better job this way :smiley:

Just tried and told it’s out of warranty, so what I just wait for it to die and decide if I want to replace it!