WD Live Remote iPhone App - Positive Review

Just thought I’d give some props to the developers of the iPhone app - I know that they’re around on the forums occassionally. 

I bought the app a while back but couldn’t get it to work with my old 1 TB USB that was connected directly to the hard drive so it was generally useless for my purposes.  Well, I went out and got the WD My Book Live NAS yesterday and the remote app is now my new best friend!  It functions flawlessly and, with one sole exception (will discuss below), it’s gone above my expectations.   

The reason this is important to me is that I am a projector owner and music lover.  Nothing hurts me more than needing to fire up my projector and waste valuable bulb hours simply to navigate through my tracks.  The app has eliminated any need to do so.

It also works well for video files and photos.  My only problem is that I cannot figure out how to keep movie cover art as any time I create a sub-folder, the remote app doesn’t recognize the file inside the sub-folder as a video file.  I’m sure there is a work-around that I’ll have to figure out.

Bottom line - if you’re like me and want to control everything on your WD Live with your iPhone or iTouch, this app is fantastic with the My Book Live NAS.   

Hi there, what app do you mean? WDTV Remote? o.o

Oops - yes, the WD Live Remote app.

I’ve been using the “WDTV MediaPlayers Remote” on my Android phone, which allows me to fully control the media player as well. This app was made by the developer juliojs

It really works well for me… But I wonder if it is the same app with a different name or a completely different one?

I would like to compare them…