WD Live random shut offs/reboots! really annoying... does it happen to u?

Hey guys,

this issue has happened to me on the latest firmware 1.04 and the previous . sometimes when i play a mkv, mp4, avi or an mp3, my player and hdd would just shut off and turn back on randomly. it would play like 10 minutes in a movie then reboot. and sometimes when it is scanning a hard drive it would randomly shut off as well…It shouldnt be a problem with my harddrive b/c i’ve tried multiple ones including a thumb drive and it still resets. Then other times the player would just play normally for hours. here’s my setup:

-wd live with no internet connection

-digital audio through toslink

-picture through hdmi

-ac powered western digital mybook hdd

I’ve done factory resets and everything. what could be the factors in this issue? has this happened to anyone? thanks guys

My guess is that it’s actually “Crashing,” and restarting.   

This can happen if there’s an error in the files, or other issues not necessarily related to playback.

If you can determine a pattern, that would help…  

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hey thanks for your response. well it’s really random because i’ve played an mkv where it caused the player to crash and then waited for the player to reboot. then i played the the movie again and it played the whole way through. could it be the player or hdd overheating? i mean i leave it in a well ventilated area and away from each other. it’s like whenever i play a file i anticipate a crash. i’ve also tried deleting the .wd folder on the hdd and reconnecting but no dice. hmmm…

Yeah, “hmmm” is right.   How often is this happening?   Every Few Files?   Or once in a Blue Moon?

What I can tell you is that it’s not NORMAL behavior.   So, it could be:

  • Intermittent hardware failure
  • A “Marginal” file played BEFORE the crash which leaves the decoder in a bad state that causes a crash later, whereby a reset flushes out the decoder and starting from scratch has no issues.
  • Something environmental (marginal power supply, overheating as you say…)

If it’s only slightly warm to the touch, I doubt overheating is an issue.   All of mine are stored VERTICALLY, and are right next to my AVRs, and they don’t overheat.

If you’ve eliminated most options, you might wish to have it replaced.

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yeah i dont know what to do. i mean my harddrive has like all my ■■■■ on it from pictures to program files, etc. maybe the wd player is constantly trying to scan everything and it overloads and crashes? i’ll try to add one movie on to a usb flash drive to see if it plays continously. hope it doesnt crash.

When the library is compiling the “WD” logo on the box flashes.   Is it flashing when it crashes?

If so, that could be a good point.

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hmm i dont remember ill try to check on all the possibilities tonight when i get home. i’ll update soon!


the culprit was the ac adapter! guess it was dead or glitchy so not enough power was getting into the device! i found another adapter similar lying around in the house and now it works miracles. no reboots. works flawlessly now. so check the ac adapter ppl if u have similar problems!

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