WD Live problem

WD Live plays movie normally but in the middle of it or 10 to 15mins into the movie the screen goes blank and everything stops/freezes. I cannot turn it off thru the remote…so i have to disconnect the power at the back of the unit. then plugging it back on after 5 or so minutes. I tried everything (using different output methods, HDMI, composite, component), tried different settings on the player and updated firmware but still acting weird. i’ve had the unit for 6month now so still under warranty…

i’m getting frustrated!!!..HELP!!!

Does it still do it if you disconnect the WDTV from the network?

Yes. unconnected or connected, it still freezes up. I tried attaching a different external HD to it and the problem does not go away. so I know the problem is not with the external hard drive nor the files (movies) that I have.

  1. What firmware version are you running? (Please don’t say latest, go to System>System settings>About and post the exact output)

  2. What types of files exhibit this problem? (Post specific file types)

  3. Post the mediainfo text output for some of the files that do not work. http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en