Wd live plus with Harmon karden avr 135 and rock speakers outside

I have an extra wd live plus. I was thinking I could connect it to my Harmon karden avr135 receiver and stream audio outside to my rock speakers by the pool. Then I could control via the iPhone app. The issue I am having is that I can’t actually see the screen of the wd live plus on my phone with the app. So I can’t start up or select a channel to stream. Or select a song to play. Is there anyway to actually see the wd live plus screen on your phone? Or if anyone has another option to achive this. I’m all ears.

Hi Bradfordzzz, this is currently not supported, you need to have the WDTV connected to a TV in order to see what content is playing.

Would this would if I connected the wd live to a laptop? Would I be able to use the laptop as the screen for the wd live plus , and then Remote Desktop to my laptop from my phone (I already do that part)

Btw … Should have said this already … Thanks for the quick response !!

You would need a laptop with video input (HDMI, component, composite) in order to do this.