WD Live Plus vs Dlink Boxee

I was a big fan of the WD TV products.  It allowed me to watch my videos from my NAS without effort and it did a good job.

Until recently when I wanted to add another device upstairs.  My needs, view my NAS videos and Netlix.  Like so many that have purchased the WD TV Live PLUS (which promised Netflix, why else did the create a new device, but to enable Netflix) it would NOT allow me to access Netflix CANADA.  All things aside like warning purchasers etc etc it comes down to what the device can do.

I returned the WD Live and took the chance on a Dlink Boxee.  I can say that I am very happy with my new purchase.

The Boxee is approx $80 more than the WD product but you get so much more back in funtionality.  Here are a few hightlights:

-Netflix Canada support!!

-Over 180 other apps

-Open source

-Awesome two sided remote with full keyboard

-Non IR remote, it works without line of site and can support other devices

-Built in Browser

-Much better interface

-Create favorites to local folders!

In a nutshell, it is so much better in so many respects.  It seems to me that WD spends a minimum amount of time in R&D and ends up releasing a half ready product.

Your debate  would have sounded OK if WD hadn’t already released THE MONSTER!!! 


WD TV Live Hub

Download and play your media collection on the built-in hard drive. Stream to any TV or computer on your network.


As for Net Flix in Canada. Obviously it’s soon to come remember supply and demand my friend. 

Is the WDTV Live Hub that better than the previous LIVEs? My personal experience is that streaming from a computer on a wired network with the WDTV has been a mixed bag. Initially it was hard to get the WDTV Live to connect and see the content. This improved and things worked well. Then when I upgraded to a gigabit router, all streaming video became unwatchable. I also have a mac mini hooked to a TV and use the Boxee software on it. It has no troubles streaming from anywhere on the network. If the DLink Boxee Box offers a rock solid network streaming solution I will definitely give it a look. Having this issue work reliably might be worth eBaying the WDTV LIVE and getting the Boxee Box.

artcinco wrote:
…Then when I upgraded to a gigabit router, all streaming video became unwatchable.

Sorry, but this part makes me laugh.  I’m wired to a 10-year old WRT-54G and 1080p streams fine for me from a 6-year old bottom-of-the-line PC that’s also running a Shoutcast DNAS server, an Apache HTTP server, an FTP server, and generating the Shoutcast broadcast (and usually various other concurrent tasks as well).

I only have Macs on the network. The new gigabit router is an airport extreme. Your milage may vary.

Sorry to hear that you got an airport. That might be your issue. Try returning it and getting a more reliable router.

The thought had crossed my mind, but other than the streaming issue on the WDTV LIVE which could be a SAMBA problem of Apple vs. Microsoft, the airport extreme works great. I am going to try and roll back the firmware on the WDTV LIVE to see if that helps. But I would likely at this point replace the WDTV LIVE than the Apple router. Another aspect of this problem is not knowing where the problem really is. Am I alone in having this issue? Do other Airport Extreme owners have the same problem? Is it firmware or on Apple’s end?


Very well said.