WD live plus not recognizing video formats

First off, thanks in advacne for the help…

I manage to get my computer directory file associated with the player.  great…

When I look inside;

.avi files show

.mkv file no show

.mp4 some show, some dont…

What is going on and is there a remedy???



If you have a WD Live Plus you are in the wrong forum - this is for the Live Gen 3 or SMP.

make sure you are using “Network shares” and not “media server”

Media Servers will only show files that Windows can transcode.

Network shares should show all media files that the WDTV recognizes.

this has happened to me before just generally adding files. I would upload them to my Server VIA FTP and they would be on the ftp but not show up on the SMP. I did a factory reset and they showed up so try that out first Also if you do have a wdtv plus leave these boards and get some homebrewed firmware you cant use homebrew on SMP Gen 3s :cry: beacuse some information needed to edit is encripted so the best you can get are themes but thier are some awesome firewares out thier (if only asus could do one perfectly) so once you get a good firmware everything you need and more will be avalible.