WD Live plus not pulling in all videos from 2TB Drive on the network

I have a WD Live plus that I just purchased. I have a seagate 2TB network drive with approximately 115 movies on it. When I first hooked it up, it pulled 90 movies over to the WD hub. I updated the firmware and now it max’s out at 73. This is very frustrating! I have tried renaming the folder, I have turned the media library both off and on and have cleared the media player. I’m ready to take this thing back to the store. I have 2 other WD hubs. One is just the hub with no network connectivity and the other is the live. I have been very happy with the other two. What am I doing wrong?

Are you talking about a Plus,  Hub, or a Live?  Because I can’t tell… :wink:

I have both a live and a live plus and neither one of them are pulling all the videos from a networked 2TB Seagate drive. I have tried reseting the seagate drive itself and letting it reload but the most I can get to come over to the WD hubs is 73 videos. It pulled 90 videos over before I upgraded the firmware. Since it’s happening on both WD hubs it’s probably got something to do with the seagate network HD. I can see all the video files from my PC though.

Matt94 wrote:

… on both WD hubs …

…  I’m still confused.   Why do you keep talking about WD Hubs?   What does the WD Hub have to do with it?   Are you using the Hub as a server or something?

Maybe it’d be less confusing if you tell us the firmware version running on each of your WD devices.

I call the WD live and live plus “Hubs”. Sorry for the confusion. By hub I mean the WD devices themselves. Both are running the latest firmware. Is there a limit on how many video files it can see from an external drive? Keep in mind that if I plug a USB portable drive directly into the Live or live plus media device, it will show all files. The 2TB drive I have is a networked drive. It cannopt connect via USB only through my network.

Yeah, if you don’t actually have the “WDTV Live Hub” media player, then calling everything a Hub is definitely confusing.

There is no functional limit to the number of files any of the above can see on an external drive;  at least none that I’ve found (and I’ve had at one time over 75,000 files on a drive…)

I’ve also not run across any limits of file quantity on any NAS connections I’ve got, either…