WD Live Plus has trouble connecting to Shared folder sometimes

Just curious if a lot of you have trouble with the WD live plus connecting to your shared network folder.  I think my win rate is 1/5 tries.  Once it finds the folder it works great but otherwise it just hangs on you until it gives up and gives some bs message.  The worst part is the wd live plus is conected via wire to the router, yet all my pc’s in the home that are wirelessly can still connect to my computer with the shared folder without any issues.   I already have my shared folder enabled to everyone.  Also the pc with the shared folder is also hard wired to the router.  Any recommedations on how to boost my chances of connecting?  I just feel frustrated and embarassed when I want to watch a movie with a friend or family member and it takes 5-10 minutes just to get my video list to load.

I have the problem - works fine 1 in 20 tries…I am wireless but I gave up hooked my old RCA Lyra for the music  and will just use a had drive to wathc movies.

I should have kept my old one that had no wireless capability since I can use the new one wirelessly