WD live plus goes blank in the middle of AVI / MKV media

Hello I am new to this site. I have had my WD live plus for about 6 months. Up until recently right in the middle of the movie i am playing it will stop around the 45 min / hour mark and go blank then go back to the previous screen. Mabye its the HDMI connection?  Its very frustrating, I was wondering if there are any solutions. I did upgrade to the firmware 1.03.39_B I do see there is a newer firmware I guess i can try that? I havent seen anyone else with this problem its so annoying please if theres anyone out there that can help i’d greatly appericiate it. Thank you

Model: WD Live TV Plus

Firmware: 1.03.39_B

Connection To TV: HDMI

Thanks again!!

Welcome to the forums.

First of all – you don’t have to shout.  We can all see your messages just fine without all the bold and large font stuff.

Most likely you played a “bad” MKV file, which can cause all kinds of problems.  You need to remux it with MKVMerge 4.0 or earlier.  And, yes, there is beta firmware which fixes this but for now my advice is to wait until it is officially released (it will be soon).  If you are downloading files from the internet and playing them that’s a problem – don’t do that (or remux them as advised).

In the computer world “jailbreak” refers to putting firmware on a device like the iPhone which removes restrictions on it imposed by the maker (usually those restrictions are legal and/or tie it to a particular service).  There actually IS no jailbreak firmware for the Live (there is third party firmware but it isn’t really jailbreak firmware – it does add some things to the Live but doesn’t remove major restrictions in the same sense that Jailbreaking an iPhone does).  No matter whether software is jailbreak or not, installing it will always void any warranty the maker of the device puts on it (IOW, they are no longer responsible for anything that goes wrong with your device after such firmware is installed).  So you always do it at your own risk.

slipk0rvayne17 wrote:

right in the middle of the movie i am playing it will stop around the 45 min / hour mark and go blank

Let me guess… as well as stopping half-way through, if you try to FF or Rev or Pause the WDTV says “Trick Mode Not Supported”, right?

Or the media is connected wirelessly?

Those issues will happen:

  1>  If the volume that has the file is formatted as FAT instead of NTFS and the filesize exceeds the limt.

  2>  The FIle is corrupt (I’ve had this happen with MKV files, and you can FF across the “Dead Spot” and it works fine after that.)

  3>  The network has a glitch.


thanks for the info. the “whats jailbreak” is a joke from a freind of mine. belive me ive been jailbreaking my iDevices since the 1.1.2 days… lol