WD Live Plus: Can't access .MTS (AVSHD) file on a NAS drive


I got a new WD Live Plus yesterday.  I have my video files (copied from my Canon HD camcoder) in to NAS drive.  My WD Live Plus is able to recognize the NAS drive and is even playing any .WMV files on it.  But it is unable to recognize any of the .MTS files and play it.

Without this, the box would be pretty useless for me and I have to return it back :(.  I will be copying my videoes from camcoder and would like to stream them on to my HD TV.

Looking at this forum for any help.

Thanks in Advance.

I forgot to add, I am trying this on a wired LAN connection and the file I am trying to play is around 65 MB.

Do I have to make any setup changes? 

Are you attempting to play them via a Media Server or Network Shares?

If you are using the NAS media server it may be that it does not recognise MTS files. Use Network shares instead.

Can you see the files and when you attempt to play them do you get a message?

Have you attempted to play them via a USB drive connected directly to the WDTV?

Can you use mediainfo and post a text output of the file.

Another idea you may want to try, is changing the file extension on the file, by renaming it with either.mpg or .mp4. I did this with a bunch of movie files recorded in AVCHD (h.264 mpeg 4). They had an extension of m2.ts and they wouldn’t play. Changed them to .mpg and they played. To rename, just right click on the file and choose “rename”.