WD Live Plus and Apple Airport Extreme - No DNS


i have a WD Live Plus player,  i have connected a USB wireless N dongle to it, i am able see my wireless network, and connect to it. when i go to check the connection status… it fails on obtaining a DNS server…  i have tried inputing the dns staticly and letting it go automatically.  neither way works… however it works fine with an ethernet cable plugged in directy.

i was looking at this list


and i do not see Apple Airport Extreme Base Station on this list…

but if it works wired. and can connect wireless just not obtain a DNS, i would asume its supported.

does anyone here know what a solution to this might be?

I am having the opposite problem, I can’t get it to work on the wired connection reliably. How long does your WDTV have to be turned on before it recognizes the network wired?

I have an apple time capsule, so it’s the same as an airport extreme. I connect my tv live plus wirelessly using a wifi dongle that came with my Samsung blu-ray player. I have used the network connection as both dhcp ( automatic ) and static ( manual ). I have had no problems. The WD TV LP lists the DNS as the gateway address.

Try setting it up as automatic and then go back and check the connection. It should list the DNS as the same address as the gateway ( the airport extreme’s address ).