WD Live + Plex

At one time I had Plex and WD Live running beautifully.  I could not only see content from my hard drive, but I could also see content shared from other households.

The power went out for about a week and not sure what happened.  I installed some Malware protection software around this time I guess.

I can still see content using Plex on my iPhone and using  Roku3.  However, one of my TV’s has a WD Live attached to it.

I have tried to repair Plex.  I have disconnected everything.  I have messed with settings.

Anyone got any ideas? 


Have you tried disabling the Malware protection software or resetting the WDTV? 

Really odd you saying the power went out… I have been on holiday for a week and when I returned, I can no longer connect to plex. (I had the power turned off at the wall) I thought it was the firware update… mind you, doesnt make sense that power would do anything…

My Roku also connects to plex still… WDTV live just cant see any media servers.

Did you work out  your issue?

Did you ever get this working again? I am still unable to see plex from wdtv live, but it works fine on Roku… now my netflix is broken on wdtv live as well… I can still see network shares and play music with spotify… all I need is an HDMI reciever for the Roku audio and then I will retire this WDTV live to a spare room… :p… its usefulness is diminishing quickly.