WD Live not playing, only shows black screen after sitting in preview mode for 5 mins

My new WD Live Media player is now not playing any videos (ISO, MP4).  I had just updated to the most recent firmware two days ago.  Now when I search for movies on the preview mode menu, the player keeps going in and out trying to search for a signal or connection to my WD passport which contains my MP4s and ISO files.  If I stay on that menu for more than 5 mins and then choose a MP4 or ISO file to view, all I get is a black screen.  I have to turn off the power to my TV and the WD Live media player and unplug the media player and then plug it back in and turn everything back on in order to get it to play a movie.  

Do you think this is a problem with my new player or is it a firmware upgrade issue?  I am using 1.02.21 update.

If you added ANY new MKV Files to your collection since July 1, you may be experiencing an issue described in the FAQ section 4H and I.

No, I don’t have any MKV files on my passport drive that I have connected to it.  I only have ISO and MP4 files.  

Delete the small WD file/folder on the root of your drive and plug it back in and try again and see if that makes any difference.

Sometimes after a firmware update its best to:

reset via the paperclip button on the side of the unit

reset to factory defaults via the internal menu.

unplug the unit from power for some minutes (not seconds)

Do all 3 before using the unit again.