WD Live & Netflix Issues with HDMI. My solution

I recently bought a WD Live Hub from Amazon and upgraded to the latest firmware.  Everything works great except for Netflix.  I have my unit setup with a Wireless network connection and HDMI for a/v.

My symptoms were the same as the others I found through researching the issue, the netflix screen would start and appear to be loading but it would never get anywhere.

My TV isnt that old and it does support HDCP over HDMI. I’ve used Netflix on this tv through HDMI without issue from 3 different devices: Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and an Apple TV.

Ultimately after trying everything else I could think of (different HDMI cables, different HDMI ports on the TV, HDMI to DVI cable, etc) I did the following:

1.  Started the WD Live connected to the TV with HDMI

2.  Connected the AV Composite cables (Yellow, White, Red) to my TV and the WD unit

3.  Switched TV input to the composite input

4.  Launched Netflix (which for the 1st time loaded fully), logged in with my account and got to the title select screen

5.  Selected a newer title in HD and started to play (it was downscaled to 480 due to composite)

6.  After playing for a few seconds, switched TV back to original HDMI input.  Video still at 480 but could navigate menus.

7.  Closed Netflix and loaded the WD Home Screen

8.  Relaunched Netflix (still on HDMI input) and it connected successfully

9.  Successfully played HD Video without issue at 1080p.

Hope this helps someone.  Good luck!


We appreciate that you are taking the time to share this solution for all the users that might need it.