WD live media player remote control dead after upgrade

Fellow users, I recently installed firmware ugrade 1.06.15_v  to my WD Tv live HD media player, all was working well prior to this, now the remote control fails after about 30 seconds. I can reboot and then navigate to a file and start watching, but remote then fails totally and the only way to shut off unit is to pull the plug. Have changed batteries in remote, rebooted several times and looked for answers online.

Can anyone help please? is there a fix i.e. another upgrade or can I revert to former firmware version and how do I do it?

Any help would be appreciated as the unit is now useless.




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Have you tried resetting to factory defaults by pressing the side paperclip button and then releasing with the player fully booted up.

Yes I did but with no success, I followed  tonyph12345 directions and reinstalled the previous firmware and the remote and unit are working again thanks. Although I would still be interested to know the cause and is there a proper upgrade available that won’t ruin the unit?

Thankyou very much for your advice and your help it is very much appreciated.


Since it appears to be purely software -respectively firmware- related, the following posting proved helpful in other cases, albeit none related to this firmware so far.


If you encounter not working remote problems that are gone if you disconnect the WDTV from the network, this is a strong hint for DNLA interference problems. Locate other network devices in your network (especially routers) and try to disable or modify the DLNA settings until you find the interference source.

Should you decide to re-install this FW once more to satisfy your own (and my…) curiosity :stuck_out_tongue:

disconnect from network and reboot or powercycle.