Wd Live media player and WD nas device: Do they work well together?

I am looking as purchasing a home NAS device.  We need approx. 4 TB of space.  What is the best value out there for this?  We want redundancy and expandability.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Bruce from Canada

Bruce, there a lots of people over here that already shared some experience.

I’m using a Synology DS210j with 2x2T EARS drives in raid 1 config. It works almost perfect with WDTV Live. The only minus is jpeg pictures via Media Server - it shows thrumbs only and not full-res pictures. It does works perfect using Samba shares. All Synology boxes encounter this issue - it’s documented on Synology site as a WD limitation.

For 4T storage with redundancy you have to consider mid-end boxes, with al least 4 drives in Raid 5. Depending the speed you need from your NAS, you may need to run even for high-end boxes, able to sustain 100mbps in redundant config.