'WD Live Media Hub "last content source has been removed"

I have a WD Media Hub with firmware 3.12.13
I use it to stream movies from my QNAP NAS using twonky media server.
All devices are hardwired getting IP’s with DHCP
WD media hub connected to tv with hdmi
I can stream movies to my windows 10 notebook from the QNAP NAS with no issues. samba shares
This setup has worked for two years with mostly no issues
the “last content source has been removed” would come up but turning the WD Live Media Hub" off and on would always fix the issue.
Now it will only play about 10 seconds of a movie then drops the source.
I have restarted the WD media hub and the NAS. same issue
I uninstalled twonky and installed plex media server on the NAS. same issue
removed plex and reinstalled twonky. same issue
reset WD Media Hub back to factory defaults. same issue
restarted router
turned on DLNA media server on QNAP NAS. this will play for about 5mins then error out source removed
videos will play from the local storage on WD media hub with no issues
it appears to be a network issue. but nothing has changed in my network setup

Any suggestions would be appreciated

If you are using a USB wireless adapter then it would be best to test if this issue happens with a hard-wired Ethernet connection.