WD live locks up after 15 min or so

I have latest Hub version 3.7.14 , but have had the same problem for 6 months.  WD Support sent me a new unit months ago, but the same problem exists - after viewing a movie for 15 min±  my remote/unit will not  respond to inputs, ie  forward, back, pause, or any commands (yet the unit works fine for 15mins.).  If I try to change to another movie, the original is still playing in the background, and I only get the time out arrow or menu.  I have to go to system restart or reset to clear the unit and that takes up to 8 mins to reboot.  Every time I use it, I have to restart. 

WD support  can’t seem to solve the problem…  I know my original unit was not defective as the new one started doing the same problem. 

I’ve tried going back to older versions, but eventually this problem develops, yet for a year I didn’t have a problem and loved the system.  Now it is just a pain to operate.

Does anyone have a solution?  I’d like to know how many others have same prolem.  

If this is happening with just one file please post the media info

if multiple files check if there’s a difference when playing from USB or internal hdd

Thanks for reply,   It happens on any file.  All files play properly, so it is not a “Bad File” .

I did see a suggestion on another similiar problem, to remove all files, then do a hard reset. 

But if they play properly for 15mins and I can use all functions, I suspect it is in the firmware.  Now that I see others with almost the same problem, I’m inclined to think so, especially since WD gave me  a new unit and it had the same problems.