WD Live Just Started Freezing after 3 months of flawless use

I have my computer which has the wireless 3tb hard drive. Where the media is stored, the wd live is connected through my wireless router to my 3tb hard drive. It has been this way since I got it right at the first of the year with 0 problems. Last night I was watching a show just fine, this morning I pull up netflix for my daughter and it freezes up and stops playing. I just figured there was a issue with netflix and she went off to school. Its my day off so I get the tv to myself. I pull up a video and start to play it, it loads but slower than normal and plays about 20 seconds. After that it freezes and then if it manages to get past the freeze will fast forward for some reason and then just freeze again. It does not matter the file type I tried them all. Music wont play either it does something similar. I find it weird that netflix was wonky and now the files wont play either. I updated the hard drive as it had new firmware but that did nothing. I reset the wd live tv to factory and reentered everything and that did nothing. I powered down my pc, my router, my modem, my harddrive and the wd live. I let them sit to “reset” them and powered everything back up. I then ran checks to see if there were any errors and there were not. I then tried to play a file and it loaded as normal but then 20 seconds into the video it froze again… This is pissing me off sooo bad. I got this so I didnt have to use the xbox anymore for streaming because the xbox would give me issues and I didnt like using a $300 machine for playing media. Help would be appreciated. I changed nothing and this just started. I can play netflix on the iPad fine and the files will play perfectly on my pc and laptop soooo its definitely something with the wd player.


Soooo with no help at all from anyone anywhere and trying a number of different things I couldn’t get it to work. Then my wife came home and was watching tv. I was making some dinner for the kiddo and didnt think about it and then I was like waiiiiiittttt are you watching from the wd live? And she said yes. It worked all last night no issues and would watch all files. Then this morning my daughter watching netflix fine. But now I go to play a file from the wd live and its saying it cant play the selected file type. I know this is bogus because it asks me if I want to resume when I click on the movie I was watching last night! OMG what is going on with this thing? Is there a error somewhere I could fix?