WD Live Info Editor 0.65 Released


  • Fixes a bug when saving  movies xml files that made actor don’t show
  • Some new grapichs
  • Can now download thumbnails for TV series
  • Can now download thumbnails for Music albums
  • Bugfixes


Find it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/wdliveinfo/ 

When you have patch files you might need to rebuild the library to get the files to show up in the right order. This is done under  Setup–>System and Media Library. There will be an option to clear the media library.

If you have problems, feel free to add a message here and I will try to help you as best I can. 

Hope you enjoy it:smiley: 


Im using W7 and ive tried to run this on two machines now and I keep getting the same error

Cannot load EasyXML.mfx This object might need and external program or library not yet installed.

I get the impression Im missing something… just no idea what it could be?

Hey!  This problem is new for me.  Did you use the install file or the one in the archive? All the necessary files should be there. You could give the new  0.66 version a try, or you could find the file here  http://www.mediafire.com/?67dkd2riwynq2b4

Seems to work form me.

I would suggest you make it so you can just add a main folder and it finds all the xml files to patch instead of having to add all the xml files manually.

Hi mate, thanks for getting back to me, I got the installer from your site (I tried the zip and the exe) and got the same result.  The new versions the same and the older versions are also the same so no luck there.  

Is it something Im missing perhaps?  Does this need something else installed for it to work? Ive tried this on my Windows 7 pc, xp and windows 8… all had the same result

Oki. I am unable to reproduce the error, but in theory the file work “out of the box”. You can try to download the missing files her and put it in the same folder as the program. I will try further to debug the code to see if I can find fault there. Hope this helps you.

Same error here… Cannot load EasyXML.mfx This object might need and external program or library not yet installed.

Copying EasyXML.mfx to the programs folder does not fix this either.

Win7 x64

0.66 works for me out of the box. W7 x64  (.NET4 installed, Visual C++ 2008 and 2010 also, perhaps one of these is needed for those having issues?) I was considering making such a program myself. I don’t use moviesheets, so I was just looking for something to easily edit the default XML files within a GUI so I’m glad to see someone else is tackling this so I don’t have to! :slight_smile:

A bug: when resolving a title with the ampersand “&”, the program searches just fine but when I select the title, it doesn’t handle the ampersand correctly (the title ends before it and the rest of the page doesn’t resolve - for instance, nothing is loaded and even the “load thumbnail” checkbox is missing.) I’m guessing this is the common mistake when resolving ampersands within strings, the program just doesn’t know what to do. To see this for yourself, search for “Snakes & Arrows” by Rush.

Also some spelling errors scattered throughout, mostly in the editor, “Tv Seires” should really be “TV Series”.

Lastly, I have a suggestion for the GUI. The user experience is a bit clunky. I suggest placing the Music, Movie, TV buttons on the launch page. This automatically launches the editor. Then once you are within one of those sections, lose the “Music, Movie, TV” buttons. You have the “Main Menu” button to go back to another section. You can then just place the “Patch” and “unPatch”  buttons with the TV section since they only apply once you’ve selected a file.

Now that you’re in a section, place the open button first (and maybe label it “Open XML”, that way anyone who has used the WD to “Get Content Info” can launch any XML file to edit. it differentiates it from the next button…

After that, I would consider a new feature, “Open File” where the user can click on a movie, music, or TV file and the filename is parsed and that is what is used to search (you can still have the text box so users have a choice).

Also, place the Save button next (instead of new) since we’ve launched the editor already, we can assume we’ve got a new file unless we’ve explicitly opened one. This way, I hit the save button no matter if I type in information, perform a search, or open a file. The user should only ever see the save dialog box if they typed in the info (in other words, they did not use one of the open buttons) and should just have to select a directory as the filename should be populated from the Title (or Album Name). If the user opened a XML file, it will just save with the same name in the same directory. If a user opened a media file, the program will have parsed the name and will use that as the XML filename in the same directory as the media file.