WD Live Info Editor 0.64 Released


 Version 0.64

Find it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/wdliveinfo/ 

New in this version:


Can  now get info for TV seires and Albums from web.


Overall better preformance.

New and faster patch engine 




WD Live Info Editor is a small program that can patch and edit your xml files for the WD TV Live 3G and WD TV Hub.


Hope you enjoy it and feel free to provide feedback and requests for new functionality :smiley:

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doesn’t work. tried using it to sort out the order of my tv shows, it’s now made them worse. they are in total random order and i can’t even get them back to how they were before. :angry:

I’m sorry to hear  that . Did you remeber to rebuild your libary ?  If it doesn’t help you the program have a depatcher that setes the files back.

The program only change the title so it goes from 1 to 01 so that the sorting should be correct. The program do not change the name of file. Which version of firmware do you have?

What is the WD TV set to sort on?
You change this by pressing the green “A” button on the remote control you can choose different ways that WD Live can sort on. This should be set to alphabetical  to get TV seires in the right order. 

Hope this help you:smiley: 

yes i did rebuild the libary afterwards and that didn’t do anything, i’m on the latest firmware. will thy the depatcher. also see there is a newer version out so might give that ago. cheers for your help.

tried using version 0.65 and it still doesn’t work. none of the features work at all.

Oki. Which version of Windows do you have? Have you tried to open the xml files to the series in the manual mode? Applies the problem a special series or more?