Wd live hub

is there anyway to hook this up to my wireless laptop to download movies to it from the internet if so how evrytime i plug in the ethernet cable it says no network found please help




yeah that wouldn’t work,

you’d need cross over cable and then create a bridge

what are you downloading on

the laptop or the WD

either way, download the files, then copy over the network

to my knowledge only vudu allows downloading files on the WD, maybe blockbuster or something like that as well

they use very heavy DRM, you’ll need there special program to playback the files on a laptop

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No, you can’t do a direct PC-to-Hub transfer. Network transfers can be painfully slow, especially with HD or BD content. The best way to transfer content to/from the Live Hub is with an external USB hard drive. I also use a 32gb USB memory stick to transfer 1 or 2 Blu-Ray rips at a time.

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Guys…maybe I’m lucky but I can connect my Hub directly to the LAN port on my PC using a standard cat5 cable. I use the one that hooks it to the router. I set the Hub to Automatic for the network, power it down, disconnect it, take it to the PC and remove the cat5 cable from the PC and plug in the one on the HUB and viola! It sees it just like it does on the network. Even the same IP and the file transfer rate is faster than over the LAN. Not as fast as when I yank the drive and connect to PC on USB adapter but still faster than the LAN speed.