WD Live hub with Dlink 323 NAS

Hi all, I just got the WD live hub and its awsome.  I will soon get the dlink 323 NAS and i’m just wondering if anyone has this and if the WD Live will see it?

http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5688/kw/ In particular: “While most NAS drives drives that have either UPnP streaming, or appear as a SAMBA device on your network, will work with the WD TV Live Hub Media Center, we have done the majority of our testing using Western Digital NAS drives. As a result we cannot guarantee compatibility with any specific third-party NAS drives.” *I’m positive that you can use the 323 NAS provided you have things setup properly.

I tested it with DNS-320, DNS-323 and DNS-325 and it works fine, the only Thing that is annoying but independently of the used NAS is that for to be detected the Workgroup of the NAS, every NAS or Device that should be detected by the WD TV LIVE HUB, must, i repeat MUST, be set to “Workgroup” everything else is not detected…

Strange because the WD TV LIVE detected everything on my Network meaningless of the Workgroupsettings!?