WD Live Hub will not recognize USB 3 drive that is USB 2 compatible

Sir or Madam: I am attempting to connect a Hitachi Touro external drive (4TB) to the WD Live Hub via USB. The drive has both USB 3 and USB 2 capabilities. However, after making appropriate connections, the WD LH will not recognize the drive. - Which firmware? 3.08.14 - What happened? No matter which port I use, the WD LH will not see the Hitachi drive, although it will see all other USB 2 drives I connect. - What were you doing? Trying to use a single drive to hold 4TB of media. All the media were transferred from other drives that had previously worked with the WD LH. - Does this happen every time? Yes; tried half a dozen resets and power recyclings. - What hardware and media were you using? Hitachi Touro 4TB external drive USB 3/2 capable, formatted as NTFS, media are VOB files stored in ISO containers. WD Live Hub with 1TB drive. WD LH sees internal drive and USB 2 drive, but cannot see USB 3/2 drive. - Did this happen with previous firmware? Not tried with prior FW. Had already updated to 3.08.14 before first attempts. - Does power cycling the unit solve this? No, tried multiple times - Does resetting to factory defaults solve this? Have not tried yet due to complexity of stored settings. - Have you tried this on other devices? Drive works perfectly when connected to computers, whether to USB 3 or USB 2 ports. Thanks for your assistance, Calvin Jones


I think that the media player does not support a 4 TB unit.

Make sure that the drive is connected directly to the wall outlet  to see if is a power issue.

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It might be it is too big…

Wonder could you repartition it in to two 2tb partitions?

Thanks to both members who replied. My apologies for being away so long.

I think you’re both right about the 4TB size being the issue, and not the USB 3 compatibility. A WD 3TB USB 3 drive is recognized with no issues.

When I connect the same drive 4TB drives to a PC and then connect the WD Live Hub to the PC as a Windows share, the WD has no problem seeing all the media on both 4TB drives connected to the PC via USB 3, so this limit is strictly with the USB ports on the WD Live Hub itself. My Gb network badwidth is enough for that solution to work with no display or audio glitches.

A question is whether this is addressable in firmware. I’m not aware of a hardward restriction on USB 2 ports with respect to volume size of an attached drive. I’ll go searching for the forum section to request that capability be added.

In the meantime, the network share workaround will suffice.

Thanks, again.