Wd live hub usb adapter

Just purchased the live hub and found out that it has not a build in network card for wifi.  So a bit disappointed I tried to find a usb adapter from the approved list. There are not that many available in the UK. I am looking now at a DWA-140 D-link rangebooster N - however, no supplier seems to specify that it is v.130 in the description. How do I find out ? I don’t like to spend more if I am not sure it will work.



Give the suppliers a call and ask them what version it is, and if they don’t want to give you that information, buy it from someone willing to give you that information!

If it’s an option then go for cabled connection, especially if you want to stream movies over the network, wireless connection is mostly too slow for that!

Thanks, will try to contact suppliers and hope to get wiser.

I prefer cabled connection too as it is so fast. Downloaded around 200 cd’s in less than 10 minutes from laptop (both wired in router). However, the tv is on other side of room so we need to pull a cable across the room and my husband says the rooms starts to look like Nasa space station.  We mainly use it as music library.

Thanks for advise.

Or consider using a HomePlug type device like the LiveWire. 

I realize this post is a month old just thought I would throw this out there

FYI I am using an older US model wireless D-Link DIR-628 and a bought a Asus USB-N13 from newegg for 18$ US for my live hub, both work flawlessly together.