WD live HUB TV - Automatic scrap not working, only manual one (file by file) - HELP


I have a Live HUB TV. I can’t scrap TV shows automatically, only manually, file by file.

My TV shows are stored in the following structure :

  • TV Shows

     - Name

          - S01

               - Name S01E01.mkv

               - Name S01E02.mkv

               - …

Automatic scrap doesn’t work, but if i do it manually i have, for each TV show (ex: Braquo S01E01), two choices, twice the same :

  • Barquo

  • Braquo

Whatever choice i made, the scrap woks, i get all “data” from the database, but i have hundred of files, i can’t do it manually and i don’t understand the problem.

While in the menu of a manual scrap, i can’t choose / select the scrapper, i have :

  • TheMDB

  • TheTVDB

The second is the right one, don’t know if this can help solving my issue.



Go to “Setup” then "System"and make sure the "Media Library is on.

Check page #29 of the User’s Manual.



It is already active. It’s working for the movies.