WD Live Hub streaming to Sony (or other brand) Smart TV?

We already have a WD TV Live Hub in our living room, and we love it.  It has become the ‘hub’ of our TV watching and plays beautifully through the directly connected display.  We’re looking to expand our a la carte TV experience into other rooms with “Smart” TVs.  I’ve been looking particularly at the Sony Google TVs.  I know that they are network ready, but I’m wondering if others have had success streaming from the Live Hub?

Here’s the use case I’m considering:  From the interface on the bedroom smart TV (e.g. Sony Google TV) access the hub in the living room and play a recorded show/movie from the Hub’s drive.  I’m pretty sure the hub is designed to do this, but I’m looking for input on the TV end before I got and buy one.

So, if you’ve had success with this, please describe your setup and what kind of TV you’re using. 


The WD TV Live Hub will stream to any DLNA/UPnP compatible device. I have streamed to TV set before, but not to this specific model.

You say “DLNA/UPnP device”.  I’m a bit fuzzy on this, but the Google TV documentation (at least for Sony) says that only JPG is supported over DLNA, but UPnP supports “Video/Music/Photo”.

Can you do one without the other?

Your TV set is DLNA/UPnp, it does not matter that the DLNA is only used for photos. Because your TV support UPnP for video, you can stream to it using the WD TV Hub.

Just be aware that you will only be able to stream movies with codes that are supported by your TV set.

So it’s at least reasonably clear that it should work or -at least- could work.  Is there anybody out there that actually has a WDTV Live Hub and a Google TV operating smoothly?  If so, what kind of TV do you have?  (Call me an empiricist, but I don’t believe compatibility claims until it’s tested.)