WD Live Hub problem doesnt searching in youtube

Hi I have this problem with the WD live hub, it dosnt searching youtube videos. Anything I tried to search, it keeps telling me that it can’t finding anything

And something else I cant upload photos and videos from my smartphone using the wd photos application. It says that “wd photos is not connecting to the internet”

I think that there is some relation at those problems

If someone has something to help please be my guest

ps : I think WD have to make a few changes to the softwares and hardwares of some products. If I have to buy a WD product and smash my head to make it work properly it does worth the money I spend to buy it.

Thank you

Dimitris Rammos

Are you aware that Hub as been discontinued for almost two years? That this is WD Legacy Products section? Are you aware that Google is pushing paid service on YouTube and discontinuing support for many other devices? 

Please, don´t smash your head, use it, do reasearch befor buying “new” discontinued product.