WD Live Hub Player Data Recovery

By mistake all my movies saved in Live Hub Media Player got deleted and now I cant find any movies. Is there any way we can recover all these movies?

Can someone help?

Just restore them from your backup… it’ll be a lot easier than going through all the hassles and costs of a data recovery company…


I have the same problem whit wd live hub, all my movies is deleted by mistage , and when i open a wd,folder a see only thumb file from my movies, i don’t know how can now restere item, Please help me


You can’t.   Unless you tear open the Hub and pull the disk and then run data recovery software on it from your PC, it’s gone.

Or, you can spend $$$ and send it to a data recovery service.

Thanks for answer, but let’s explain: I have a external hdd wd elements in usb1 on wd live hub, and I was rename some folder from my comp (win7 is on) trough lan and router , and press delete on keyboard when is folder myelements open , then start deleting the complete folder, I press cancel but to late, after that is lot of my movies lost. So if I understand you good I can put my elements external disc on my comp and run some recovery program and restore my films in there original position, am I right, ??? Or  all my films are gonne to recyclebin folder on wd live hub… I can;t find them on my comp recycle bin folder, allso not on recycle folder in external disc or on recycle folder in live hub.

Thanks again

Well, you’re confusing me.

In your first post you said you deleted data that was “saved IN my WD Live Hub.”

Now you’re saying it was not IN your Hub, it was on a USB disk attached TO the Hub?

If that’s the case, then yes, you may be able to attach the USB disk to your PC and run a recovery program on it.

The Hub has NO recycle bin.   Network-attached storage devices don’t have recycle bins controlled by Windows.


I am sorry for wrong info, I was thinking when is usb disc attached to Hub, maybe everything going thru, but the true story is that is attached drive,  and I lost not all movies but lot of them, now I try find a mkv movies witht my comp and program recovermyfiles but still no results. I will trying with another programs and hope with more luck

How can I controll recycle bins on Hub, maybe with some linux disributions, or with ERD commander???

Thanks you again and sorry

oliowwe wrote:


How can I controll recycle bins on Hub, maybe with some linux disributions, or with ERD commander???


Nope… Can’t be done.

ha nice, so if my movies is missing and i can’t find them , is lost forever,

thanks for answer